Top Game App Worldwide

Top Game App Worldwide


A top trending game app worldwide, with 600+ million downloads and 100+ Billion daily plays. earned Google Play's awards for Top Trending and Most Irresistible Game of 2016. Licensees include Bonkers Toys, Everything Legwear, Fifth Sun and Just Toys International.  Products are available at Target, Hot Topic, Walmart and more.


Belinda Carlisle

Lead singer of The Go-Go’s, the iconic all female rock band, Belinda Carlisle sold 30+ million records worldwide. The hit single "Heaven is a Place on Earth" hit number #1 worldwide.  Belinda is devoted to her Kundalini Yoga practice and travels the world touring, selling out concerts and practicing yoga.  In 2011 she earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  We seek a licensee to create a branded line of yoga apparel.